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Garlic Herb Swag with Chilis & Raffia

Garlic Herb Swag with Chilis & Raffia

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Fresh and natural, our Garlic Herb Swag with Chilis & Raffia features about fifteen garlic bulbs bundled together with fresh Bay, Thyme and Rosemary and then finished with fresh chili peppers and a raffia bow. Made from California late harvest soft-neck garlic, we begin making swags in October and sell till they're gone. Each Swag is handcrafted and beautifully bundled together for a convenient way to display and use for your favorite recipes. Because the garlic is still on the stem it should last 6-9 months from harvest. Store in a cool dry place. Sizes of the bulbs may vary from one harvest to the next.
Will last several years for decorative use.

  • IMPORTANT*All bay products are made to order, shipped fresh and should be opened immediately. Leaving the bay in its shipping box will damage it.
  • Made in October and available until sold out
  • Approximately 12" long
  • 15-19 Fresh Garlic Bulbs
  • McFadden Farm Recipe Booklet Included
  • Garlic and Chili peppers are fresh and natural but NOT organic
  • Garlic is shipped fresh

For best results...

Immediately remove from shipping box 
Hang indoors - out of direct sunlight, away from excess heat and moisture.
Keep out of freezing temperatures.
You can lightly spray it with water to keep fresh for longer, but don’t mist it repeatedly.

 To use your bay in the kitchen…

In about 10-14 days the leaves will dry and turn a lighter green color and become more brittle. That is when they are great to cook with! Just pull off a leaf and use it right away. Or you can pull several, let them air dry and then store in a sealed jar. They’ll be good for about a year.

 *** Please note that bay is toxic to animals if consumed.

To use your garlic in the kitchen... 

Twist off one bulb at a time, working from top to bottom - the bulbs at the bottom have the longest stems so they will stay fresh the longest (6-9 Months)

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