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Bay Leaf Garland
Bay Leaf Garland
Bay Leaf Garland
Bay Leaf Garland

Bay Leaf Garland

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Our fresh organic Bay Leaf Garlands are handcrafted right here on the McFadden Farm. We weave California bay laurel into gorgeous garlands offering an impressive display throughout the home. Showcase your fresh bay leaf garland on a fireplace mantle, banister, or create a spectacular table top for the holidays.

Our wreaths and Garlands will stay fresh for about two weeks and as they begin to dry they turn a lighter green and become ready to use for cooking. They look great dried and can be used in your favorite recipes all year long!

  • Fresh Bay Leaf Garlands are made with certified organic herbs and are edible
  • Garlands are shipped fresh typically between October and January
  • Made in the U.S.A

Available Sizes & Pricing
If you'd like anything larger, please give us a call (707) 743-1122

1' -    $13
2' -   $25
3' -   $36
4' -   $42
5' -   $52
6' -   $62
7' -   $68
8' -   $75
9' -   $84
10' - $94
11' -  $103
12' - $112
13' - $121
14' - $130
15' - $139
16' - $149
17' - $158
18' - $167
19' - $176
20' - $185
21' - $194
22' - $203
23' - $212
24' - $221
25' - $230

For best results…

Immediately remove from shipping box and give a quick shake to fluff up the leaves. 
All bay products are made to order, shipped fresh and should be opened immediately. Leaving the bay in its shipping box will damage it.
Hang indoors - out of direct sunlight, away from excess heat and moisture.
Keep out of freezing temperatures.
You can lightly spray with water to keep fresh for longer, but don’t mist repeatedly.

To use your bay in the kitchen…

In about 10-14 days the leaves will dry and turn a lighter green color and become more brittle. That is when they are great to cook with! Just pull off a leaf and use it right away. Or you can pull several, let them air dry and then store in a sealed jar. They’ll be good for about a year.

**Please note that bay is toxic to animals if consumed.

States We Ship Wine To

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New York

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If your state is awaiting approval or is not on this list, we sadly cannot ship to you at this time. If you'd like us to look into adding shipping for your state, please get in touch.

Please note: if you live in Arkansas, Delaware, Mississippi, Rhode Island or Utah - due to state regulations, we are not able to add shipping to your state. You'll just have to come to California for a visit!